OLA Distinctive

OLA Distinctive


The OLA Distinctive, Environmental Leader Organization by its acronym in Spanish, it’s a recognition created and given to companies and schools by PROMESA IAP for the promotion and implementation of educational practices and actions in benefit of the environment.

To obtain this distinctive each organization must achieve a series of indicators in these five categories:


Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

We’ll evaluate the knowledge gained after environmental education activities implemented in the organization.


Internal Waste Management

We’ll evaluate the actions, strategies and practices of minimization, separation, storage and final disposal of municipal solid waste, special wastes and hazardous waste generated within the organization or as part of its activities.


Energy efficiency

We’ll evaluate energy efficiency actions, strategies and practices that allow reducing energy consumption in the property and also, the ability of people to properly use this resource inside the organization..


Water Saving

We’ll evaluate the actions, strategies and practices that reduce water consumption in the building and also, the ability of people to properly use this resource inside the organization.


Exemplary Performance and Environmental Innovation

We’ll evaluate the actions taken to promote and transmit better environmental practices internally and externally to the organization.

What is Distinctive OLA for?

-To endorse the exemplary accomplishment of environmental education and actions taken in order to reach sustainable development in the organizations.

-As a parameter for the organizations to keep implementing and doing follow ups of actions that positions them as environmental leaders.

-As an exemplary recognition for the organization for its interest in preserving the environment before society.

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